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This site teaches you to do perfect macaroons, but also to find the best cafes serving macaroons.

Macaroons are originally from France and are harder form of pastry. Macaroons are made egg whites, grounded almonds, powdered sugar and sugar.

Macaroons are made of two parts which have a solid outer shell of soft and sticky inner. Shapes of macaroons parts to be flat on one side and have a smooth round shape on the other side. These macaron parts is usually colorful shades and very similar to light chewy meringues.

These two macaron parts are put together by a sweet cream that is similar to butter or cream. This filling in macaroons flavored and colored then entirely dependent on your taste and wishes. Traditional flavors are chocolate, nougat, or any fruit flavor.

Different macarones

Some really nice recipies for delicuos macaroons

Making Macaroons

To do perfect and delicious macaroons, you need a number of things:

  • You should have plenty of time to make macaroons
  • You must have patience
  • In order to get sufficient number of macaroons, you must be persistent
  • It takes a good kitchen with space and an oven that provides even heat

Equipment in the kitchen to make macaroons

Equipment in the kitchen to make macaroons

The kitchen should be provided with kitchen facilities for you to do wonderful macaroons according to the recipes here on .

  • Kitchen should be equipped with a good digital weighing scale.
  • A good oven ensures even heating at 125C and the heat from time to time.
  • A good electric whisk the egg whites used in macaroons.
  • Several baking plates.

Are macaroons candy?

If you don't candy ban you can rest easy, macaroons are not candy , macaroons are healthy because it's healthy to be happy. So macaroons are neither unhealthy or candy because can anything as good as macaroons and giving as much genuine pleasure to be unhealthy ... or.

The history of Macaroons

Already in the 1300s produced macaron lookalike cakes in Italy and eaten only by highly prominent citizens at great events. Macaroons as they look today had its origins in France and was first produced in this way as late as the 1930s. Macaroons were spread to the rest of the world first at the end of the 1900s.